Mars Air Curtains

What is an air curtain?

By delivering a constant flow of air across the width of an opening, air curtains create a barrier between two distinct environments and maintain temperature separation. Air Curtains are commonly used in lieu of plastic strips as they are a more energy efficient, sanitary, cost efficient, and safe solution to retaining cooler and freezer temperatures as well as eliminating the need to constantly replace the broken and dirty plastic strips. Applications range from retail to restaurant, warehouse to storage, and drive-thru to walk-ins.

Air Curtains create a seamless barrier of air over any door, window, or opening allowing ease of accessibility into and out of the building. Air Curtains are a huge energy savings device as they help to maintain interior building temperatures while doors and windows are constantly being opened and closed.  By maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures, employee productivity increases and energy costs decrease. They also prevent dirt, dust, and fumes from entering and deter flying insects providing a cleaner, more sanitary environment. Specified to fit your unique application and available with a large variety of size, color, and control options, Mars Air Doors and Dynaforce Air Curtains will be the solution you have been looking for


Model Descriptions Door Height/Width Spec Sheet
LoPro Reduces HVAC expenses while deterring flying insects and provides better sanitation. 8 ft/25-144 in  Product Literature
LoPro Drive Up Window Compact, space saving air curtain is ideal for fast-food drive-thru windows, banks, schools, cleaners, and retail businesses. 5 ft/25-30 in Product Literature
NSF Applications: Refrigerated cold storage, drive-up & service windows, loading docks, receiving areas, and customer/employee entrances. 7 ft/25-144 in Product Literature
C Series (REPLACED BY STANDARD SERIES)      Unit can prevent loss of refrigerated air and reduce humidity when installed above cooler room or freezer doors. 8 ft/36-96 in Product Literature
CH Series (REPLACED BY STANDARD SERIES)      provides excellent results when installed in large markets, restaurants, hospitals and food processing plants 10 ft/36-96 in Product Literature
CHS Series (REPLACED BY STANDARD SERIES)      provides excellent results when installed in large markets, restaurants, hospitals and food processing plants 12 ft/42-96 in Product Literature


Model Description Door Heights/Width Spec Sheet
Standard Different air velocities make it possible to control all types of environments and protect against dust, fumes, and flying insects. EX: warehouses, industrial plants, municipal buildings, transportation terminals, hospitals, and police stations. 10 ft/36-144 in Product Literature
High Velocity Effective solution over cold storage doors, reduces humidity and ice build up, while sealing in cold air for greater energy efficiency and lower operating costs. (Stronger air flow) 12 ft/42-144 in Product Literature
Extra Power Provides an effective solution over cold storage doors. EX: packing and food processing plants, super makrets, and commissaries, breweries, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and cold storage plants. (Stronger air flow for efficient performance) 16 ft/48-144 in Product Literature

Wind Stopping           14-16

Wind-stopping model is a direct drive fan unit, rated for stopping winds up to 15-20mph. EX: Variety of plant, warehouse and other industrial environments. 14, 16 ft/48-216 in Product Literature14 | 16
Wind Guard 14-30 Reduce energy costs up to 80% in environments where doors are often left open during business hours. Can repel wind gusts up to 30 mph. Mounts over a wide range of door types up to 14, 18, 22, 26, or 30 feet. 14,18,22,26,30 ft /96-192 in Product Literature14 | 18| 22 | 26| 30