Airelite yceMacroAir’s – AirElite is the newest model to the HVLS product line.  It combines a sleek industrial design with high performance to move the most air and match the needs of modern interior designs.  Available in seven sizes, from 8 feet to 20 feet in diameter.  These 1/2 horsepower motors can cover 3,600-14,000 square feet. One HVLS fan can replace multiple high speed fans reducing the clutter and improving air movement.

AirElite applications: designed to function in a high end commercial environment – office buildings, Restaurants, shopping centers.

AirElite information:

  • Minimalistic design with sleek blades
  • Integrates seamlessly into HVAC systems
  • Standard Forward and revers features
  • quiet operation, less than 45 Decibels
  • Custom colors and accessories available

8 Foot Specs 10 Foot Specs | 12 Foot Specs14 Foot Specs | 16 Foot Specs  

     18 Foot Specs 20 Foot Specs

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