airsol yceMacroAir’s – Since the beginning of the HVLS industry there has never been another fan like the AirSol, it is the only fully solar powered fan in the world. Using more than 10 years of High Volume Low Speed technology and the industries highest cubic feet per minute producing fan and integrated solar technology to design the AirSol.  Available in three sizes 16,18, and 20 feet with a 1/2 horsepower motor, placed 65 at feet apart, these fans cover 8,000 square feet of effective area.

AirSol applications: the perfect HVLS fan for applications with maximum sunlight – Greenhouse, Stadium, Office Building and is the ideal fan for businesses looking to save on operational costs.  Also a good option for use in applications with no power sources primarily operating during daylight.

AirSol information:

  • Uses Clean, Green, and Free energy!
  • Longest service life in the industry
  • Standard Forward and revers features
  • Maintenance free, gearbox is lubed for life
  • Custom colors and accessories available

16 Foot Specs 18 Foot Specs | 20 Foot Specs

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