airstar yceMacroAir’s – AirStar is the smaller and more compact version of the HVLS fans that MacroAir produces, utilizing the patented 6ixBlade technology.  Available in 6′ to 12′ diameters the AirStar is quiet and efficient, with a .167 horsepower motor the noise level output is less than 40 Decibels.  Typically high speed fans of this size kick dust up and increase win chill, rather than provide a comfortable even airflow.  One fan can replace up to six standard, conventional ceiling fans.

AirStar applications: this model is designed for buildings and locations with lower ceilings and smaller areas – Conference room, Gym.

AirStar information:

  • No visible wiring and sleek fan design
  • Integrates into home management systems
  • Standard Forward and revers features
  • Summer and winter functionality
  • Custom colors and accessories available

6 Foot Specs 8 Foot Specs | 10 Foot Specs | 12 Foot Specs

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