Introducing the AirVolutionD3

  The AirVolution-D3 is ideally suited for medium to large spaces such as car dealerships, manufacturing facilities and distribution warehouses.  Designed to be the most cost-effective HVLS fan, this model incorporates the primary benefits of our gearless technology.  It features the highest efficiency motor available, reduced weight, less noise and no maintenance.  In addition, it is suitable for wet environments with an IP66 rating for wash down or outdoor use.  When high performance, best value and budget are critical factors, the AirVolution-D3 delivers the best ROI of ANY HVLS fan on the market today!

AirVolution applications:  made to function in any application that requires air movement – commercial and industrial, auto dealerships, warehouses, stadiums, agriculture, office buildings, retail and many others.

AirVolution information:


  • The cost of operation is $.31 per day of operation.
  • Highest tested CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) rating in the HVLS industry
  • Lowest solidity ratio rating in the HVLS industry
  • 12 year service life warranty
  • Standard Forward and revers features
  • Custom colors and accessories available

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     18 Foot Specs 20 Foot Specs | 24 Foot Specs

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