Apollo Solar Light Pipe

Orion Apollo Solar Light Pipe

“Get OFF the Grid!”

When it comes to lighting and energy efficiency, Orion Energy Systems leads the industry with innovative designs and technology.  The Apollo Solar Light Pipe is no exception, designed to output the most light at no operation cost to your business.  Harnessing the power of daylight as it’s main source of energy, the patented light pipe is a simple and powerful design.  It will operate effectively regardless of your location 365 days a year.  Orion’s light pipe collects the more reusable sunlight at more times in the day than any other light pipe on the market.  Replace your electrical wires and lighting, minimize your maintenance costs, and save hundreds or thousands of dollars annually on your electricity bill.

Patented energy efficient light pipe technology

Patented Technology

Delivers Maximum Energy


Daylight Collection – Proprietary Design other tubular device on the market.

Turn your roof into an asset that helps improve your bottom line with Apollo solar light pipe system.

It’s engineered to use no energy, handle the elements, and significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Apollo® is ready for installation right out of the box.

When it comes to performance, Apollo® is light years ahead of any other tubular device. With two patents already assigned and more pending, our cutting-edge innovation has set the bar for daylight harvesting well beyond what anyone else is providing.

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Apollo Solar Light Pipe - Apollo Star

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