Energy Saving Solutions

There’s more than one way to save money on your energy costs. Your business can save thousands of dollars by implementing some of our Energy Saving Solutions.  All of the high quality products installed by Orion Energy Systems of Southern California are manufactured in the United States.

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Orion’s patented lighting systems incorporate superior optical and thermal efficiency to deliver the most output with the least input. We can also retrofit your existing application with Orion Lighting.

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Reduce your energy waste and maintenance costs by implementing energy efficient exterior lights by Orion. The efficient design technology provide a brighter light with superior maintenance, improving safety and visibility

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Optimizes the collection and distribution of sunlight. Apollo will reduce your lighting system energy costs up to 100% during your daytime peak rate hours, when energy costs the most. Our proprietary design delivers top performance at even the lowest sun angles.

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LED DockLights offer energy efficient high output bright light in a durable exterior. Non-corrosive and UL rated for wet locations, the LED DockLight is suited for the toughest indoor and outdoor applications.

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As energy prices continue to rise and federal, state and local incentives become available, a solar photovoltaic system can provide attractive and stable economic returns on capital invested or free cash flow from a power purchase agreement.

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After a thorough analysis of your needs, we will identify the most energy efficient Roof, Wall, Ceiling, or any other Industrial or Commercial fans applicable to your needs.

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Orion’s intelite technology gives you lighting control you need without a complicated, expensive, wired system. Simple set-up for time-of-day scheduling and integration of free daylighting to dramatically reduce lighting costs.

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A Frigitek Motors and controllers dramatically reduce the amount of energy being consumed by commercial refrigeration units. This technology monitors the power usage and will adjust the speed of the fan to the appropriate speed for optimum savings.

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 Variable speed drive technology offers a cost-effective method to match motor speed to load demands and represents a state-of-the-art opportunity to reduce operating costs and improve overall productivity.

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By delivering a constant flow of air across the width of an opening, air curtains creat a seamless barrier over any door, window, or opening allowing ease of accessibility into and out of the building.  Air Curtains are a huger energy savings device, and help maintain interior building temperatures while doors and windows are constantly being opened and closed.

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Orion Energy Systems of Southern California is a full energy solutions company. We distribute high quality Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning products that will contribute to your overall energy savings.

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