Orion Wireless Energy Controls

InteLite®Energy Made Simple

The primary objective for the InteLite product line is rooted in one single concept: “Energy Made Simple.” The system features distributed intelligence, wireless communication, and a powerful yet simple user interface. The system incorporates powerful algorithms with heavy-duty switching relays, turning loads off when not in use.

To reduce lighting expense, it comes down to these options:: 

  • 1. Lower fixture wattage
  • 2. Reduce fixture-on time
  • 3. Optimize light output for operations
  • 4. Reduce maintenance costs
  • 5. Eliminate risk–financial, technology, litigation, insurance

InteLite® – the right solution for small buildings all the way up to large, complex operational zones located at multiple sites 75% reduction in lighting costs by using InteLite for a warehouse already using traditional motion sensors

InteLite Brochures:

Basic | Smart Motion | Integrated System Plus | Integrated System Advanced

InteLite Demo: