Interior Lighting

Energy Savings Solutions for Interior Lighting

Most indoor environments require different interior lighting applications specific to the industry.

Light Series Interior Lighting Applications Certifications Other Information
AGPB PolyBody Demanding Durable, Watertight, EX:Livestock containment UL listed for wet locations/NSF/NEMA Rated/IP66 & I67 Spec Sheet
CM Fixture Series(Compact Modular) High-lumen lamps, Aluminum conducts heat five times more efficiently than steel resulting in optimum lumen output. CEE-Registered, patented designs Spec Sheet
E Series (Enclosed) Ideal in dusty interior environments UL Listed/UL Damp rated Spec Sheet
EG Series (Enclosed Gasketed) Demanding interior, requiring dust tight enclosed fixture UL Damp rated/IEC IP60 certified Spec Sheet
ENCF Series (Enclosed Freezer) Speciffically for coolers and freezers UL Listed Spec Sheet
Gym Fixture Series Interior environments such as gymnasiums requiring a robust fixture UL Listed/UL Damp Rated Spec Sheet
HB Series (Ultra High Bay) High mounting interior, EX: Commercial, Storage, and Industrial Facilities UL Listed Spec Sheet
Industrial Toffer Industrial with T-bar ceilings 15ft+ fits 2′-4′ ceiling grinds UL Damp rated Spec Sheet
LB Series (Ultra Low Bay) Superior Performance in interior applications, EX: Commercial, Storage, and Industrial Facilities UL Listed Spec Sheet
OT Series (Office Troffer) Office and other low bay enfironments with environments less than 15ft UL Damp rated Spec Sheet
PB Fixture Series Demanding environments requiring durable, water-tight fixtures, EX: Parking Garages, Food Processing Facilities UL Listed for Wet Locations/NEMA 4x Rated Spec Sheet
PBA Fixture Series Demanding Environments requiring dust/water-tight fixtures, EX: Food Processing, Agricultural, Warehousing, Manufacturing UL Listed for Wet locations/NEMA 4X Rated Spec Sheet
Sealed Troffer Series High Bay interior environments EX: Food service applications requiring washdown UL Listed for Damp Locations Spec Sheet
 Surface Mount Fixture Superior Performance in interior environments requiring surface mounting  UL Listed  Spec Sheet
Surface Mount Freezer Superior Performance in surface mounting interior environments UL Listed Spec Sheet
T5 Compact Modular Series Variety of interior applications EX:Commercial Storage, Industrial Facilities UL Listed Spec Sheet
Wet Tested Enclosed Series Demanding interior environments that require wet-rated enclosed fixtures UL Listed for wet locations Spec Sheet


Interior Lighting

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