MacroAir Fans

MacroAir is the original manufacturer of HVLS fans (High Volume Low Speed). MacroAir fans utilize blades ranging from 8-24 feet in diameter to create a gentle 6-foot tall air-jet along the floor while consuming only a fraction of the energy of conventional fans.

MacroAir Fans – “The science of air movement.”

Most people think the job of a ceiling fan is simply to blow air. But the genius of a MacroAir fan is rooted in aerodynamics. Because when air is properly directed, it can be a powerful force for comfort and savings. Using lab simulations and wind

tunnel testing, our engineers are constantly fine-tuning the air dispersion patterns of our fans to create the most efficient air movement achievable. Ideally, an HVLS fan will send a column of air down and out 360° towards the walls, back up the ceiling and back through the fan (see video). That pattern, known as “floor jet circulation” naturally exchanges the air in very large spaces. Exchanged air does two things: 1) It keeps fresh air constantly circulating. 2) It actually changes the molecular structure of the room to lower temperature. Optimizing this airflow with the least amount of resistance is what makes a MacroAir 6ixBlade™ fan the industry’s most efficient fan.

Below is the full product line of MacroAir Fans

MacroAir Fans - AirStar
MacroAir Fans - AirVolution
MacroAir Fans - AirElite
MacroAir Fans - AirSol
MacroAir Fans - AirStar
MacroAir Fans - Controller

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