MacroAir Fans Success Story: Walter’s Auto Sales & Service

MacroAir Fans Success Story: Walter’s Auto Sales & Service

MacroAir Fans Success Story: Walter’s Auto Sales & Service

To be submitted for the 2013 Architectural Products – Product Innovation Awards is a project done for Walter’s Auto Sales & Service. A Mercedes, Porsche, and Audi dealership and service center in Riverside, CA. For more than forty years Walter’s Automotive has been providing excellent customer service before, during, and after the sale, at exceptional prices.


The heightened summer temperatures in Riverside can often reach triple digits.  In addition to the rising heat, a portion of the facility located in a corner of the building is obstructed by a large wall preventing a natural breeze from flowing through the facility.  Technicians who work in this space typically use small high-speed fans or other cooling solutions which were neither effective nor cost efficient. Also, the use of portable fans often resulted in employees and technicians tripping on extension cords plugged into outlets which are a potential safety hazards.



In June of 2013, Bob Juliano, Walter’s service manager partnered with Yale/Chase Equipment and Services to find a solution that would remedy some of the temperature problems in the service bay.  The solution was to install one MacroAir AirElite High Volume Low Speed fan, with a 16 foot diameter.


MacroAir Benefit

The owner of Walter’s Auto Sales & Service said, “Approximately one-third of our service center received little, if any, ventilation. After we installed the 16-foot MacroAir AirElite HVLS fan, we noticed that the ventilation improved and that the fan was much more effective than the small box fans that we were using prior.”  Other benefits of this installation include a noticeable increase in employee comfort and safety with the removal of small portable fans and their extension cords.  The AirElite is quiet, sleek, and provides optimum air movement/volume with MacroAir’s patented 6ixBlade HVLS technology.  Based on MacroAir projections from similar applications, the business is certain to realize a return on investment.  The AirElite fan is ideal in Southern California weather, the fully reversible fan can change the perceptible room temperature by 5 to 15 degrees and regularly lowers heating and cooling costs by as much as 20% when used with traditional HVAC systems.

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