Orion Energy Success Story: HB Ford

Orion Energy Success Story: HB Ford

Fluorescent Light Success Story

HB Ford | Auto Dealerships

Huntington Beach ford is the nation’s top used Ford truck dealer. Located in Southern California, HB Ford is committed to providing the best customer service and high quality New and Used Ford vehicles.  At the end of 2012, HB Ford undertook an energy saving project that would save the dealership thousands of dollars, enabling managers to focus on the business.


For an automobile dealership, energy costs make up a large portion of the annual operating expenses.  For HB ford annual operating costs exceeded $75,000 per year, which is more than $6,000 a month in electricity usage.  In addition, the existing exterior lighting systems were equipped with outdated High Intensity Discharge (HID) light bulbs.  Typically, with the technology available in the lighting industry, many businesses are conflicted with the decision to choose between LED (Light Emitting Diodes), HIF (High Intensity fluorescent light) and HID lighting.


After some research, HB Ford decided that a project to update the exterior lighting would move forward with improved HIF fixtures rather than LED. The solution was to retrofit the existing fixtures with more than 145 Orion’s linear high intensity T5 exterior fluorescent light fixtures.  All of the fixtures were replaced in the service bay and the entire sales lot. To help fund the project HB Ford took advantage of several rebates from the local utility company.

Fluorescent Light Benefit:

Although LED lighting is affordable and widely talked about as the future of the lighting industry, the decision to install Orion fluorescent lights rather than LED was because LED is still a new technology and at its infancy in development. The fluorescent light advancements that Orion has developed are energy efficient, and directly reduce carbon footprint and save the dealership thousands annually on operating cost. The complete project successfully reduces the monthly operating cost to less than $2,000 per month ($23,000/year), a $4,000 savings! Another benefit is, being an auto dealership the installation of fluorescent light outputs an increase in light (Lumens) level and can enhance the color accuracy to vehicles in the sales lot at night time. The energy rebates also greatly minimized the amount of time that it would take for a return on Huntington Beach Ford’s investment.

“It has really re-invigorated the lot. The colors, the cars, they’re just more vibrant. Before, there was kind of a dim light cast on the cars. We’re definitely using a lot less wattage, and we’re noticing the difference in terms of savings on energy costs.”Jamie Kornely, General Manager – First Chrysler Manitowoc, Wisconsin

Fluorescent light installation

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