MacroAir Fans Success Story: Beverly Hills BMW

MacroAir Fans Success Story: Beverly Hills BMW

MacroAir Fans Success Story: Beverly Hills BMW

Beverly Hills BMW is the authorized BMW dealer located in Los Angeles, California, with two state of the art facilities to support the sales and servicing needs of each individual customer.  The success of an auto dealership can often be influenced by the Consumer Satisfaction Index (CSI) score received, determining whether a dealer will receive more new cars or rewarded a bonus. To Beverly Hills BMW, providing excellent customer service is a priority to the success of its business.  In early 2013, Beverly Hills BMW took on a project to improve the comfort of its employees and technicians to enhance productivity, directly affecting service.


Southern California has an average annual temperature above 70 degrees Fahrenheit and through summer months, temperatures can reach over 100. Technicians in the service bay are constantly working in and under vehicles, which can raise body temperature lowering the productivity and effectiveness of employees.  In addition, heat exhaustion can sometimes cause technician error, resulting in mistakes or injury.


Installing four MacroAir  AirVolution commercial fans in the service bay.  Placed 50 feet apart, the four MacroAir High Volume Low Speed fans are able to move up to 30% more air than its closest competitor’s fan.  The low energy cost and durability made installing an HVLS the fan the ideal solution over an air conditioning unit.

MacroAir Benefits:

Improved employee work environment and productivity was the primary reason Beverly Hills BMW undertook this project.  Other benefits include:

  • A study done by MacroAir states that the efficient movement of air can lower room temperature by 5-10 degrees
  • A quiet HVLS fan with tons of air moving power.
  • Standard reversibility allows for more control of air movement, pushing air upwards versus blowing air down directly creating a wind chill on people below.

MacroAir HVLS FanMacroAir Airvolution

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